The main Paris association: try a course, join?

Free trial courses. You can try a course and, if you decide to join us, start at any time of the year and of the month.
You only need to register with the teachers during the courses. No preliminary appointment.

The annual fee

37€ for the newsletters, information and the mandatory memberships to the Toum association, the French Federation of Wushu, Chinese energetic and martial arts (FFW Aemc) and the European federation (TCFE). (see Links)

Bring two pictures, as well as an annual doctor's certificate which allows you to practice Taichi Chuan, and a stamped enveloped addressed to you. You will have to sign a form to apply for a federal license and fill in a membership card, which will provide insurance during your practice. Your teacher will then receive a license sticker for you, which you will put on your card. You only need to pay for one federal membership each year.

You should keep the card and only add new stamps to it the following years. You will also get, for the Paris association, a blue card. These two cards should be shown to the sport rooms keepers or to the teachers at the beginning of classes.

Outside Paris, each place, each Toum association or affiliated group has its own organization. But, wherever you are passing by, you are invited to join a course by showing you cards. Make enquiries if you wish to practice regularly within two associations.

For any question or specific issue,
call the association: +33 1 42 60 21 01 or M +33 6 08 70 37 64.


There are three different types of subscriptions: unlimited courses, fixed course and flexible courses.

Unlimited courses

This is the most flexible option, and the one we recommend. It makes it easier to practice at your own pace and enables you to practice regularly.

In all cases, it is possible to give two cheques when you join. The second one will only be cashed later, on the date specified on the back of the cheque.


170€ for 3 months or
280€ for 6 months, to the day from the date of the first course, or
370€ for a school year.

(the annual membership fee adds to these amounts = 32€)

If you need to miss class for a long period, your subscription can be extended by the time you miss. This flexible option enables you to practice as often and as much as you wish, wherever you want in Paris:

About 20 hours of courses each week, at will.

Fixed course

Twelve courses, always on the same day, time and place, or 12 Feldenkreis sessions: 170 €; or the whole year 280 € (annual membership fee 32€ not included) for the same course during the whole year, or for half-day seminars.

N.B. Two consecutive courses count as one course. Only the courses you really attend are taken into account.
If a course is canceled (for example on a public holiday), you can attend another course of the week instead


Flexible course: for 12 dates.

170 € (annual membership fee 32€ not included) for 12 dates (several consecutive courses) or half day seminars, spread out in time.
You write down yourself on your card when you are using a day.
This option is mostly useful for people living far from Paris.

Make enquiries if you are attending a course in the suburbs with one of our teachers and would like to join the main group for some additional classes, especially medium and advanced classes.